Children love climbing frames as these outdoor equipment pieces hold plenty of adventure and excitement which can occupy them for hours. When climbing frames are set up in the garden, children would have many hours of delight in the safety of their home surroundings.


There are many great features on all quality climbing frames. Most established climbing frames manufacturer have no issue about a 10-year warranty on their quality climbing frames for the durability and strength their climbing frames represent.

Climbing frames can come in various shapes and sizes with the varying structures and accessories. Climbing frames can be a single or multiple tower structure depending on preference and budget. Many climbing frames allow a flexible add on component over time with a simple screw and drill.

There are compact editions of climbing frames to cater to small garden spaces which still allow children to develop their motor coordination.  Most climbing frames offer a slide which can be standard or wavy; however, others vary with a climbing wall of varying heights; a concealed sandpit under the main frame; wooden or rope climbing rungs; a fireman’s pole or a monkey bar.

These components can be added on as and when preferred.


Climbing frames must be made of quality materials due to their function. There would be a lot of running, jumping, thumping and shaking as excited children caper around the climbing frames. Hence, strong wood selection is crucial to ensure complete safety for all quality climbing frames. Most quality climbing frames prefer top grade pine or oak.

Responsible manufacturers would only secure such quality wood from approved forest sites with the proper authority endorsement; this means that only sustainably managed forests are considered for the wood to build the climbing frames. However, wood as a natural product is subject to moisture influence from the ground or atmosphere; hence, it is possible to find cracks and splits in the climbing frames but the structural stability is not affected. This allows the Climbing Frames to support as much as 100kgs easily.


Climbing frames can enjoy various types of accessories such as wooden ladder, rock climbing face, double swing arm or an extra swing hanger. These accessories can offer children more excitement and adventure; they can be added on over time depending on the budget.

Welcome to the world of online shopping for adventurous kids who love a challenge and have bags of energy. Buy Outdoor Wooden Climbing Frames in a huge variety of combinations which help kids to improve their co-ordination and keep them fit and healthy.

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